Even with lots of last minutes changes – the minister, the best man and reception DJ, Virginia and Wolf 2the wedding day of Virginia and Wolf went off without a single wrinkle! The radiant bride in silk chiffon and sparkling veil never stopped smiling. Her groom was elegant in a grey and black formal morning suit. A most handsome sword was strapped to his waist.

The morning church ceremony was followed by a delicious buffet lunch at the Sausalito Yacht Club. Centerpieces were colorful fish in glass vases. Even the huge sea lions basking in the sun were barking like “wolves”.

Guests were touched by personal wedding vows as Virginia and Wolf so tenderly told the stories of their journey to marriage, and to the joy in finding “my princess” and “my soul mate”. Wolf shared the experiences of his life “roaming from the forests to the swamps … from the Arizona desert to the high mountains”. He was “lead to the sea – like the sword to the fire”.

At the end of the vows, they both declared …

W: I will be the crisp, clear creek water that will sustain our pack.
V: I will be the sunlight and moonlight that lights our pack.
W: I will be the Earth under our feet to stabilize and ground our pack.
V: I will be the hunter, gatherer, and food which gives strength to our pack.

TOGETHER we are unbreakable.
Together we are unstoppable.
Together we will thrive, live, give and die for our pack.

Virginia and Wolf will continue their adventurous journey together as they build a new home in Alaska. I wish the much joy and “warmth”!