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I usually write stories of unique weddings. But I was touched by a recent lovely Memorial Service and reception at Sausalito Presbyterian Church.

I met Kat at the church when she told me about her father who died two years ago. The family didn’t have a memorial service at the time and her wish was to bring them together for a proper religious service and a tribute to honor her Dad.

The father, Enrique and the Filipino family are Catholic. They could have chosen a Catholic church, but Kat loved the welcoming and inclusive websites and the spiritual feel of the Sausalito sanctuary. We welcomed a Catholic priest to perform rituals and family members from Colorado and all parts of the Bay Area joined in.

As the guests gathered on the church steps at the end of the emotional service, they released butterflies into the autumn afternoon just as the Blue Angels flew over Sausalito. Then it was time to celebrate and share memories on the lovely private deck and Thomson Hall where the aunties had prepared special traditional food from the Philippines.