Gorgeous Japanese bride Ami who completed studies in Berkeley, and handsome Polish groom Kuba, a fine photographer, recently exchanged wedding vows at Sausalito Presbyterian Church. They brought with them wedding pictures of Ami’s parents who also married at the church 31 years ago.

The carpet and drapes were red then and the church still had a pipe organ. Ami’s parents returned from Japan to visit the church on four different anniversaries. I met them and we shared stories and updated pictures.

Now the carpet is gold and the church has a wonderful digital organ. There are new strawberry trees in front and the dogwoods still bloom in the spring. The old twisted euonymus vine is now a sculpture that tourists photograph and enjoy.

Ami and Kuba were thrilled to have Reverand George McLaird, the same minister from 31 years ago, perform their personal ceremony. We made a short video to be given to Ami’s parents. After enjoying Marin County the couple continued to honeymoon in Monterey – then back home to Japan.

After more than forty years Sausalito Presbyterian Church continues the tradition of welcoming couples from Japan.