As I sang the soprano descants at the candlelight service on a clear crisp Christmas Eve, I reflected about the many unique and magical Christmas weddings at Sausalito Presbyterian Church.

The couple who came from London – the bride with a garland of tiny red roses in her hair and a silk vintage dress, and the groom in formal morning suit … silk top hat, polished cane, traditional grey striped trousers and morning coat with wide satin lapels, and of course white gloves. They looked a bit like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers about to dance down the aisle.

Another bride entered the church in an opulent deep red gown looking like Scarlett in Gone With the Wind. Her flowers cascaded to the floor. The reception room at the church was transformed into a winter wonderland with sparkling silver branches and the glow of candlelight.

Christmas is a time for reflecting and for planning for the future. Sausalito Pesbyterian Church has welcomed a new minister. It is about to be a NEW YEAR!