A groom’s perspective – completing the circle …

It is a walk that has been made by hundreds, nay thousands of men. Their nerves are zinging, their hearts are pounding, and their knees are shaking. Some were euphoric and some were terrified. The walk for me begins in the “old” stairwell of Sausalito Presbyterian Church. But for some who came before , the walk began in a “new” stairwell. With the creaking and moaning of the treads, my feet press my body weight into them. How have these moans and creaks changed over the years with the passing of time and the traversing of thousands of groom’s feet? For some men, this is a walk their Fathers have made , and for a few it is a walk that there Grandfathers made. I was one of the few who followed in the footsteps of their Grandfathers.

What was he feeling? What was he thinking? Was he euphoric or terrified? These questions and so many more race through my mind as I make my way up the curve in the “old” stairwell. I am also thinking of the woman whom my Grandfather was walking towards: so young, so beautiful, and so full of life. That same woman now awaits me, her Grandson. Though she is much older now, she is still beautiful with her face lined with the passage of time and her mind starting to slip away. Does she remember the day my Grandfather climbed these stairs towards their destiny?

Grandpa is phisically gone now but I can still feel his spirit in the stairwell. As I finish my climb with one last breathe to calm my nerves, I step into my future and my past. Everyone from my past is seated on the left, and everyone in my futire is seated on the right. After today they will all be part of my past and future. My walk ends at the same point that my Grandfather’s walk ended. I draw from his strength as I await the love of my life while gazing upon my Grandmother. With the changing of the music the bridesmaids begin their walk down the aisle, a walk they make in support of the love of my life. Then the 100 years old doors close and my anticippation soars. As the doors open again the love of my life comes into view. The love of my Grandfather’s life stands and watches as my bride begins her regal walk – a walk that will complete the circle. To all of those grooms who follow my footsteps, rejoice for this is the most remarkable day of yor lives that begins with the walk up the old stairwell.